I'm so happy that you have taken time to explore my web site and get to know me a little better through my art. 
Photography has been a part of my life since childhood and I thank my Dad (an extremely talented photographer) for placing a camera in my hand and guiding me through the best ways to capture life through the lens. Yes, I started out on B&W film and was taught how to develop it in his darkroom (although I utilize digital these days). I am a Mom of two intelligent kids who make me appreciate the uniqueness of life. My husband loves anything that involves high speed racing and this is where my passion with photography launched into what it is today.  I have grown to value capturing the unique (sometimes overlooked) moments that draw my attention and provide a visual story.
My interests in visual moments are broad. I enjoy Nature, B&W, Macro, Landscape, Abstract, Architectural, and Portrait photography. I find that I love exploring the essence of utilizing natural light with my work and I notice things that are right in front of others that they never see. This means that I usually travel light, well my backpack is heavy with equipment, but I try to stay fairly portable for capturing those special moments.  I shoot with a Nikon DSLR and find capturing life with a variety lenses most appealing these days. Several years ago I became involved with Sharpshooters International Photography Group, which consists of 50 photographers around the world sharing our work, and it pushed me to explore my creative side. This has given me the insight to delve into new techniques and explore the beauty in all things.
I have been invited to display my art in my new city and will be participating in various art shows in North Carolina this year. Of course, with technology and social media, many of my loyal customers live out of state. All art within this site is available for sale (signed and numbered) with quality processing and a plethora of formats from which to choose.  Contact me directly for information on a particular piece.
As you walk through my visual story, I hope you are inspired to look around and see things that maybe you hadn’t ever noticed, or stop for a moment to observe all the intricate details of something that catches your attention. We should all enjoy the little things in life, because one day we will look back and realize they were the big things.
Go out and enjoy a beautiful day!
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